Philip Rosedale announces major changes to High Fidelity: "This model is not working right now."


Philip Rosedale announces major changes to High Fidelity: “This model is not working right now.”


I can understand where he’s coming from. If the current model isn’t working, it’s wise to shift direction and find other solutions. Perhaps i’m wrong, but High Fidelity is basically back-end VR technology anyway, so they could potentially target front-end businesses, education, and/or researchers (i.e. medical training). It’s possible i didn’t understand his quotes correctly either, but this is just my perception of what i got out of it.


Does this mean the tablet in desktop mode get finaly ditched and replaced for a better multitasking desktop system.

-Are the build tools get the long awaiting makeover ?

-Custom keybindings, when does it come ?

-The goto app (yuck, apps) is still not improved after complaining i think 2 years ago, change it in desktop version where you see something.

-Is high fidelity now get a default chat and IM system ? Something that always did keep people out. Voice is not the main communication.

Just a few things that need to get improved for at least 4 years now.

Closing maker sounds a strange choice. now people cannot build anymore, no place to compare own domain problems with other reference domain. because many can only run the client and advise is to not install the sandbox. Without maker i do not see option to add new content if i want. Not run sandbox on my desktop, and the server is still disconnected.

And how do people go to the bank now ?


Great post Ryan, thanks for this. I thought Caitlyn’s comments about looking at this as an exciting opportunity were really inspiring, and I share her opinion.


One big problem with turning all hifi sims off.
There’s now no reason to go in with new people.
There’s not much to show now.

User domains are many time empty.
The goto app is terrible to find places.

Yes it need some time. And 2 things really need to be fixed urgent.

  1. Add a default standardized chat / IM system in high fidelity. More important now you need to chat with people on other domains.

  2. The goto app need to be replaced for a big desktop screen where you can search and find in normal way easy other domains. The goto app how it is now is only good for the grinder, it’s rubbish. (always where)


More like Philip Rosedale returning back to core project ideas like HiFi was in the beginning.
They need to to really listen to users " Anyone remember a thing called Chat?"

" This model is not working right now " it never will be as VR is based on limited ideas and tech of that time, the next virtual world is our real lives as designer bodies can be done through genetics, if a woman wants cat ears and a tail it will be as easy as todays breast implants, designer skin color, designer eyes, holographic body tattoos, your clothing can become billboards to your moods or expressions…and so much more in this crazy future that will mirror SL almost as a Bizarre Scenario of art taking a life of its own, where will this future version of HiFi fit in? perhaps dream enhancement with the help of AI to make our brains the servers in an interconnected metaverse of dreamers and during waking hours you could run HiFi in the background on your subconscience silently unaware your helping power the metaverse while tending to your daily tasks.
Not as far fetched an idea as you might think as almost 90% of the world it cyborgs now, they could never live now without the attached implant called a cell phone.

The future is not goggles, but the future is the body, as it is both the hardware and the software that is the future.

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What happens if the body rots?
Then I want to have my brain in a nutrient solution - wired up to VR :purple_heart: :brain: :sunglasses:


Then the plan will be complete!:smiley:


I want my green too! :wink: