Photogrammetric locations


Hi people,

New to HF and happy to be here! So far I’ve only spoken to huffman who sent me this way via the steam portals. Very exciting to see this sort of thing happening.

Anyways my main interest in HF is trying to create a virtual garden of somesort. Was thinking Photogrammetry to capture the majority of models, teach myself Blender and some other tools to make them look good then perhaps even try to create something similar to ‘DryLake’. A photogrammetric scene you can visit in the hifi address bar, just type drylake.

Can’t wait to give this a good shot, so far have been using RealityCapture for the Photogrammetry, otherwise just Blender and I’m still quite the novice at that.

Please get in contact with me if you would to share your photogrammetric creations/destionations, I would be more than excited to check it out!