Physhics movement problems with loading domain. (scripted)


I notice this problem for long time. When i open my door, it normally works fine when the domain is complete loaded. sometimes that fails already.

But the problem is that soemtimes when the domain is loading and you open the door to early it opens a litle bit (you see that on the video) and then it stops working complete. I think because the script got the trigger that it’s complete open and changed settings. Something i need to check when it happens again.

I tried to give the idea what happens in movie. But sad the bad moment did not happen this time.

Something whacky with youtube. i cannot play it from this forum. same with a video from judas.

ADD: 2017-01-20
Just flying to my door, click to open it. and like useall it freezes at this angle.
And the problem is that the door stop responding. until i logout or nobody is around so it get back in it’s default position. It just looks like the script crashed, now we have other problem because you cannot trust userData in edit.js so mabye i still see the wronbg data and the door is laready in open state. But the physics engine is never moved to open because soem weird unknown problem.

Lucky i made the door in that way now that it never got stuck forever.
After a relog or teleport out it get reset to the default state. and the second time it workeed. But soemthing is buggy. this movement problem i have for very long time.


New info. under some conditions. possible higher cpu load or network traffic. The physics seems to stop. and then my script is going coocoo. idea one is failing but i now know what happens so going to find a solution to work around it.

This the point the door stops moving and velocity keeps hanging at that angulair velocity number.