Physically based rendering incoming?


This is speculation but would like to have confirmation from @sam

Worklist 20616 and 20614 indicate building support for PBR roughness maps and substance designer substances? If yes then in gonna explode with excitement :smiley:



We are actually technically doing PBR since a while, you just didn;t know :slight_smile:
THere is still a lot to do to improve the rendering, we want to explore using the Substance material textures as a mean to transfer cool texture in a much smaller bandwidth.
The substance material have the cool added bonus to define multiple material channel with a single file.
To be continued…



The only issues I see with the substance materials is that isnt is proprietary? Also sometimes, especially with complex substances that use multiple ones or non-generated references, such as a few of my experiments

tend to take quite long (300-500 ms) for 1k or 512 resolution: when the end result still is the diffuse, roughness and reflectivity (is relectivity glossyness?) or generally tend to be black if the references are missing

In anycase, knowing this ill probably start making PBR based textures with my Substance Designer and test out how roughness values work.