Physics Hull for primitive entities missing


This happens with great regularity. If I create a cube (or sphere) primitive entity, often it will have no physics hull at all. Then if I relog or reshape the entity, that will restore the physics shape. I showed this to @Piper earlier today. The recipe to make to happen is:

  1. Create a cube primitive entity
  2. walk into it (50/50) chance it will seem to be not solid
  3. Change the size along any one dimension
  4. walk through it, nerly 100% chance it appears to be not solid
  5. Watch others walk through it
  6. Relog
  7. Now you can’t walk through it - it has its proper physics hull
  8. Watch others still walk through it

What seems to be happening is that whatever messages get sent to scene present interface apps, are either not sent, or, if queued up, they are never sent either.

  1. Edit and jiggle the entity or resize it
  2. Now it becomes solid