Pilot Development for Edutainment in VR



We are JB-Productions, an Italian media production company looking to experiment and conduct some R&D on real-time VR entertainment. Our target audience and core business is language edutainment for children, and have so far focussed on TV and Theather productions.

Our objective is to explore the potentials and limits of VR as a new medium for the Fumbles (see: http://www.teresapascarelli.it), and through that experiment with real-time acting through the High Fidelity platform.

Although our initial enthusiasm has been somewhat curbed by the fact that VR technologies are still not suitable for children, we believe this will improve in the coming years as both VR and AR terminals evolve.


The scope of the collaboration we are seeking is the following:

  1. Assistance in building a pilot world/domain based on the Fumbleland look (see link above), with focus on the classroom space where the majority of events take place. Although we have scenographers and models from previous productions, we need assistance in identifying a simple and effective way to convert this material into High Fidelity objects to build and manage the domain.

  2. Development of two Avatars, to be jointly selected from the existing Fumbles (see link above), targeting one humanoid and one non-humanoid character. Objective is to explore rigging, blend shapes, and other animation factors that influence avatar control. This to differentiate the characters themselves, and to best convey emotions under the control of the actor. This may include work on the pre-programmed avatar animations and scripts.

  3. Development of the Ms. Spelling Avatar, again with focus on control of the avatar by the actor.

Although we have graphic artists that have worked on previous JB Production projects, we believe the key is not the developing the models themselves, but rather the way the models are animated and rendered in the VR environment. Graphical refinement take place later once the concept has been proven.

Effort and Timeframe

The target is to deliver a pilot show/event in October.

We would like core development work to take place in the coming 6 weeks so as to provide a practice environment for the actors by early September.

We are looking for an experience individual(s), capable of dedicating adequate time during this period to the project. The only constraint is time zone - we are in Europe - and would like to avoid evening hours PST.

If you are interested please contact us at lucio@pascarelli.com or teresa@pascarelli.com


Lucio & Teresa


This is a great idea, dude. Good luck to you!