Pimax 5K Plus VR Headset Deal For Europe 2 Days

the deal on with headset 5K at CEST time 18.00 on Amazon


I know there are other folks that have purchased the Pimax and had a bad experience with it, but I really like mine. I’m not being endorsed by Pimax, I just appreciate the wide FOV. When it comes to a quality experience, I don’t hold fast to the thought that one-size-fits-all. Each person will have something specific that truly sells them on an experience.

I’ve built many flight simulators and gaming rigs that had triple monitor setups. When it comes to being immersed by an experience, ((speaking only for myself)) nothing quite does the trick like an all-encompassing FOV.

Others prefer ultra-high refresh rates, or impossibly dense pixel resolutions; to each their own. Keep in mind, I own a Vive Pro with Wireless Kit, and still choose my Pimax for most VR games. I will admit, that it’s hard to beat wireless if you have the coin for it, and nothing beats my Vive Pro W for that.


I’m really intrigued by the wide FOV as well, so I enjoyed your quick review as I’m seriously considering buying the Pimax. But I read in a review that my GTX 1070 gpu isn’t powerful enough to run it without lowering critical settings. I’m with you in that FOV is important, but I don’t want to buy this if I can’t use it to the full potential. What are your thoughts on minimum specs?

If oculus and htc are vhs and Betamax ,pimax is laserdisc

I’ve got the Pimax5K+ and I loooooove it!!!


  • The FOV and the peripheral view it offers are just amazing and add soo much to the immersion :purple_heart: :sunglasses:
    I.e. after having worn the Pimax for ten minutes the Vive feels like a pair of toy binoculars held in the wrong direction :wink:
    Plus it gives me thermal phantom sensations when somebody touches my cheeks in VR :blush:


Regarding the Minimum Specs I’ve had the pleasure to talk to SweViver (www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ33TPQYw_-c6itr0ReIu-Q) at last years’ VR Days Amsterdam and he advised me to get at least a 1080ti to run the Pimax properly.
Now I got my i9/2080ti system and am by no means allowed to Kickstarter in the years to come :crazy_face:

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Xaos thank you for such a great, in-depth post! Thanks also for clarifying the minimum specs. Now I have something to save up for!


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I’ve only ever ran the 5k+ on a GTX1080 laptop, and my GTX1080 Ti Workstation. ymmv…