Place Name v Domain Name


Concept and terminology problem: what is the difference between a Place Name and a Domain Name? Available information is vague and confusing.


Domain name and Placename can be used interchangeably, but generally there are two assignments for them:

Domain name: Specific name for the server or server instance you are connecting to. Similar to “Domain name” in Web. eg. sandbox, hq, centre

Place Name Path: a “path” to a specific place within a Domain: usually pre-defined in the domain settings. such as,

  • hq /meetup
  • centre /placename


Hmm. So the Domain Name is the name of the world I create on my computer via Stack Manager. I can give it any name I want (for example, “New York”). The Place Name is a specific location within the world I create (such as 5th Avenue and 42nd Street). It’s like a link or pointer to a landmark, kinda like a bookmark. For each link/bookmark, I have to pay $20. So, I’d need to pay another $20 for a Place Name (link/bookmark) to 6th Avenue and 42nd Street and another $20 for a Place Name to 7th Avenue and 42rd Street. Is this correct?


Not exactly but partly.
The Domain is the actual instance of a hifi server, the domain is your position in the metaverse and has an ID not a name.
It can be accessible to an Interface via IPv4 like or an IP address like without cost, or you can buy and assign a place name and have hifi://iconosphere.

The place name is $20 and you can assign it to your domain as above, then thats what your domain is called. Domains can have more than one name, it depends how many place names you want to point to your domain but you really only need one. Once you own a place name you can associate your stack manager domain ID to that name,

You can then create paths to specific places and use sub-locations like iconosphere/42ndStreet and iconosphere/6thAvenue as many times as you like and there is no cost. Sub-locations dont show up in the directory.
You can have sub locations all over your domain. (I call them sub-locations, Menithal calls them Place Name Paths which is probably more accurate but its the same thing.)

You also need to buy place names if you want a new name for a certain place, like 42ndStreet is one name and 43rdStreet is another. The place names are what shows in the directory. You really only need one Place Name unless you want multiple points of contact or promotion.

Bookmarks are a different thing, they are your own personal links to anywhere you want on any domain, you set them and name them and they are free, and the bookmark names have nothing to do with place names, you can use whatever names you want. But nobody else can use them except you, for now (I imagine these will become like LMs and we will be able to pass them around)

And yeah its really confusing and I hope I got this all right for you.


So a Place Name is like a custom URL in Facebook. Whereas a new FB user is assigned a unique alphanumeric to his profile page (, he has the option to replace it with a custom URL ( In other words, a Place Name is a bit like a vanity plate. Twenty bucks and the address is yours.

Therefore, I could name my world “New York” (the Domain Name) and point to it with the Place Name “iconosphere” (the custom/vanity address). Alternatively, I could name my world “Iconosphere” (the Domain Name) and point to it with the Place Name (address) “New York”. Is this correct?

If so, then

Domain Name = world name
Place Name = address name (metaverse address of world)

If so, then I strongly recommend changing the terminology. While Alpha users tend to be engineers, Joe Public needs clear, concise, intuitive terminology. Otherwise, he’'ll never get past the sign-up page.


Using the New York, Iconosphere, and Facebook as examples, .

New_York - aka the hifi domain. This is the vanity part, like the web domain You can also use a direct ip address and actual web domain addresses, so for example if you owned the web domain, and direct it to your ip address and port, it would work.
New_York /iconosphere is a path that point to what ever coordinates iconosphere path has been set to within the New_York domain. You can create multiple paths within a domain for free.

So with that in mind:

  • Domain name is the name of the world

  • Place Name is a location within the world (Or should just be a location)


So if I am J. K. Rowling and I want a domain in HiFi just like my internet domain I now register the HiFi domain Harry Potter. That’s MY domain and I pay $20 for it each year. In that domain I can create a Place Name Hogwarths, a place name Train Station and a place name Diagon Alley. I don’t pay anything extra for the place names, they just teleport people straight to those different locations in my ‘sim’. Am I understanding this right?

So the domain names are what we would like to buy just like a dot com?


Pretty much,

Domain names cost the 20 dollars, Place names are paths within the domain.


And High Fidelity is going to regulate this, so only one person can own a specific domain like say HARRY POTTER? At least this is how I understand it.


Well, you’re too late. I just registered Harry Potter. :stuck_out_tongue: Kidding.

If anyone here has the right to tell you to be careful about copyright infringement it’s me. Just a little inside joke there for a few of the older Alphas. :smiley:

-don’t say I didn’t warn you… -Captain.Oculus-

@Judas @Triplelexx


You’re funny! I don’t want Harry Potter. I just wanted to know that if I have a domain it will be unique and nobody can make another of the same. There can only be 1, so I’m assuming there could be only 1 Harry Potter domain in here? Otherwise what’s the point.


Right you are @LucasGlass, just like Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or “http://” if you place the hifi protocol in a link, “hifi://” and you have interface installed, it will open it and TAKE you to that location. At least it works for me.


@thoys had registered localhost till they slapped him around and made him return it lol


Umm… Isn’t it Place Names that cost the $20? Yes they point to locations within Domains but a Domain can be free.

For instance: I have domains running on different computers, including free local host domains. I have purchased Place Names for $20 each that I point to some of those Domains. I also have a free Domain with no Place Name associated with it.


The topic is Domain names vs place names. So in context Every ‘domain’ referred in this topic isnt talking about the server stack, instead the domain name.

‘Domain names’ are not free. A ‘Domain’ need a server to run them but can be hosted on any.


I think it best to use the format they use their self. When you go here: you are looking at the place names. In short the “pretty name in other parts of the Internet called a domain.”

Where it gets confusing is the software you are running to power the virtual world is a stack of an assignment-client and a stack-manager. Those two pieces running together are a stack, you could call it a domain since in the HiFi world the domain is the server software.

Now, when you setup the place name you just bought or already owned, you have to point it to a domain id, which guess what… is the ID of the server stack you have running to power your little piece of HiFi.

Once you point your place name to your domain id and optionally setup a path to land at etc… You have your “Place Name” you can now type into the search box and land at.

I hope that cleared up a little bit of the confusion because in the world of HiFi, the Place Name points to a domain which is basically the software running your “Place.”


My point being, you can host a domain on your local machine, the one that you use to run Interface with, and it costs nothing except your machine’s CPU time (and bandwidth if it is connected). But to have it show up in the HiFi directory or teleport by typing the name, and I think, for people to be able to teleport by clicking your name when you are there, you must pay $20 for each Place Name. But it is possible to host a domain and not connect it to any Place Name.

So, Place Names cost $20, Domains do not.


I paid early on for a place name and during the Captain.Oculus fiasco, I somehow managed to reassign it to a different token, yadda yadda, meh.

Anyway, just as others have said, it isn’t required. What I find cool is that I have a registered name ((you can enter it into the directory)) but it’s “off the grid” unlisted in the HiFi website.

I don’t really care if it is intentional or not. There is certainly nothing there right now, but if I do my job well, people will eventually know it by name. Know what I mean?


After rechecking the language, Both of us are correct. However please read my statements at full I did always mean Domain Name never just a Domain as topic was “Place name vs Domain Name”.

In my field (As a Fullstack Web-developer), a Domain Name

is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS)

  • Wiki

Which is exactly the same as Hifi Places.
The developers also have Mentioned DNS in the code. So they are interchangeable. However I prefer using the technical term over a new term.

Then we have Paths or Place Paths as I stated in the very first post. I made the mistake of shortening it to Placenames instead of Paths.

Basically, a Domain name, points to a Domain which consist of a single or multiple servers. Place is same as a Domain name. Like Domain names they can point to a single Domain, However they can define separate locations within the Domain, Such as Centre, Center and Laboratory (All my Places which point to a single Domain)

You can, as I have stated run a Domain for free as long as you have the hardware: However getting a domain name / vanity name / place requires you to pay up.

So Let us clarify:

Domain Name: is an Identification string that defines a realm, which is used on the internet via the public DNS system. You can still connect to a hifi-domain with this, such as, which is same domain as Centre/Center. It will always place the user to 0,0,0 of the Domain, as there is no information of coordinates in a Domain Name: This is where paths such. as or coordinates work as well.

Places or Placenames for is the HiFi definition of a Domain Name. Unlike what they are based on, they also contain port, direction and coordinate information, and work together with HiFi’s STUN/ICE …

Paths as as what they are. They work on both Domain Names and Places, and define a set of coordinates and directions within the Domain.


This subject is wasting more and more time, people have a different understanding and its all due to one reason.

The unconventional usage of the word domain by Hifi.

Please understand that domains dont have names, they have ID’s

There is no such thing as a domain name, there are only place names that we assign to domains, and because a domain can have multiple place names, none of them is the actual domain name.

The domain becomes known by its place name, but because place names are portable, the domain may not always be known by that name.

You buy a place name and attach it to your domain, simple. You dont buy a domain name.