Place names created for a domain that we are not the owner


I have been very surprised tonight to see a new place name called “CLUB” in the “Goto” page… and click on it to land on my own domain! (Vankh… but displaying “CLUB” in the address bar)

Not that I’m angry in any kind, about the people who decided that my little club prototype was enough good to be published. (Thank you, you can even continue to promote it…)

But the point, here, is that I’m very surprised that such a thing could be technically possible… to not have any control what we have created (outside than pulling the plug on the server. )

This is a bit absurd… anyone could put a place name over your creation, even before you decide to make the promotion. And hijacking all the credits of the thing by the same time…

It’s a bit like if I buy the domain name and plug it to without they even notice… I don’t think you can do that (I mean directly plugged, not just a redirection or using any frame, see the google website with in the address bar of all their pages) That would be madness.

So yes, I’m right now happy and shocked in the same time. :wink:




You can actually point to other servers through DNS but usually it’s the web servers /load balancer (nginxin/Apache) job to forward/reject/redirect the connection depending on the domain name that is in use.

I guess what we would need to be able to define that for our domains as well.


Sounds like free publicity to me.


Hey, thanks for posting about this. I did some checking, and the deal is this: High Fidelity built the naming system modeling the way internet naming works. As in our system, you can buy a domain name/URL and point it to any IP address you wish. So the behavior you’re seeing is intended. However, based on your experience, we’re reviewing whether this makes sense and what changes we might make. There are clear differences between the branding on a website and the experience in High Fidelity.


Sorry & you’re welcome! I had the same thoughts as I tested this. I am now using it to point CLUB to a domain I own on another account. So it is a very useful feature. But indeed it’s interesting as you mentioned, sort of like stealing and promoting at the same time. My goal was to promote your place & get people talking. I want new people to see there is more going on than the welcome areas. I have heard many times from new users they thought welcome was all there is to High Fidelity. The GOTO needs to be reworked to be more user friendly. Scrolling sideways is cute and all, but clearly not very functional for users. Hopefully High Fidelity will higher User Interface people at some point to make every more user friendly.

Anyway Mission Complete! :smile:

ps. i love your club, great work! thank you @Alezia.Kurdis


Thanks… It was in the same minding that I built it. It was more to be a proof of concept since I’m not sure how many people I can really support on my server. If you plan to open a club with a strong server, let me know. If I can help, I will be pleased. We are still a small village, and I think our interest is to put things in common. For sure there is a potential for fun. :wink:


I was actually curious how this worked, is there any way on the domain side of things to even see where the user is coming from? Had some silly ideas where some kind of Virtual Host or reverse proxy kind of thing would have been really neat!


Thought I would throw this up as well. You could use a script to check that the person who is joining your domain has the right hostname. If you had a zone around the area that they are teleporting into or you could even use a collision less invisible box where they are teleporting in. It checks the hostname that they arrived at and makes them just simply reconnect back in with the placename you want to use.

    Kurtis's Not my place name, NOT ANYMORE ITS NOT script thing

    This script is released under the Awe Yeah Do Me Daddy licence agreement (AYDMD) basically this is just CC0, do whatever etc etc.

    If you have any questions get in contact with me at 
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(function() {
    // Change this to your places name.
    var placeName = "put name here"; 
    this.enterEntity = function(entityID) {
        // just going to lowercase it to cover if its typed weird or something #noideaifthatsathing
        if (Window.location.hostname.toLowerCase() !== placeName.toLowerCase()) { 
            Window.location = "hifi://"+placeName;