Place names what did you get and why?


I got
Shop and Shopping,
My thought is to have some kinda in world shopping center with cool stores and stuff.


DaBoom. I didn’t have a good idea for a name and I’m a old SL geek :wink:


I registered adriania, not sure why, probably because I didnt want to lose it.

I also paid to register a few for future use or resale, mainly place names…
australia (because I love it) sydney (because its probably the most well known city in Oz)
also I intend to build a domain called australia, and within it will be sydney,

a few punts, rome, madrid, berlin
and a couple of odduns…earth, and cash cause I figure they may be valuable one day
and blues, cause everyone loves blues and I will build a blues club in adriania.

and a couple of others which will remain nameless for secret reasons (I like to add a bit of mystery)


Music and LiveMusic as I was looking to focus on a domain that centers on music and performing.


I got nothing. I couldn’t think of anything at all. :-/

I think I have thought of something this afternoon on the train back from my nephew’s birthday*. Still need to collate my thoughts a bit longer, though - there is a potential hyphen to think about!

I was grumbling to myself about being too late for the freebie, but then thought that if I look at the $US20 as a contribution to an OSS project I like and want to keep going (something I do when I can), it is a pretty good deal.

_* I gave him an awful lot of off-brand (lego-compatible) construction blocks as a shop selling it was having a 75% off closing down sale late last year. I have another big stack sitting in a high cupboard for his sister in two months.


I got two places that I thought really fit the occasion for early access.

  1. Here
  2. Place

I figured you always are “here” and it is a “place” name :smiley:


Mine is NeverSpace because it’ll be my neverland but in space. And i only got one because I’m pessimistic that i’ll be using HyFy regular enough by the time they start charging me for it :stuck_out_tongue: .


goth, industrial, escorts, clubs, bitcoin, apartments, land, casinos, marketplace, avatars (but they renigged on this one and refunded my money for it the next day, which I am pissed about because I am a pro 3d animator and want to sell avatars), furniture, halloween, games, code

I got all these because I intend to run servers for each one and develop them all.


I’m thinking of getting ‘greed’ and ‘monopolisation’ … hahaha !!!


Or perhaps “hard work” and “dedication”.


i don’t know the meaning of those words


Here’s what we got at Qbit Technologies:

Amsterdam (he he)


After much gnashing of teeth, I have settled on ‘elsewhere’. Quite literally. :slight_smile:

Inspired by the name of the intentionally location-obscured planet in Sherri S. Tepper’s Sideshow. (While not technically part of a trilogy, there is some character and plot-device leakage from her earlier works Grass and Raising the Stones, which occur in the same universe, but at vastly different times.)


One of the things I loved about another virtual world I know (rhymes with beckoned wife) was both attending and hosting classes.

—> education


Franny, duh and Retro, because I want to sell old school models and stuffs. I always wondered: “Why High Fidelity?” Hifi was so 70s, so retro just might become thematic. Everything old is new again. My neice took all my LPs and plays them.