Placeing Voxels and metavoxel editor


Placeing voxels in emtpry world is still disaster press 0 seems to place no voxel in front of me.
The metavoxel editor have a nice raste you could build perfect with. Problem only, it seems you cannot build with the metavoxel editor. and the normal editor dont have a grid to build on.

So, i think its good to have the option to enable in the normal voxel place/remove some extra option that places a grid. so its more easy to build.

Added note: Noob error, where not connected to any server. changed the domain so it points correctly to my server , now i could place a voxel with zero.

Interface really need better visual feedback when your not connected to a domain.


Hi @Richardus, The metavoxel editor is not functional at the moment and the heightmap work is pre alpha. We have just put up a worklist job for your issue which we will try and get someone to work on.