Placenames. redunant?


Just a question, something that people seems to be the bad side of high fidelity.
The think high fidelity is cenralized service, in this case i can only think about the polacenames.
But are placename’s not running or going to run on cloud system ?

What i like to know is, if one server for placenames is failing, what happens then ?
It would be good to have more placename servers around the world. if one is failing that the other can take it over. And am pretty sure @philip have that in mind. But it’s good to know.

In case people start about that again.


Currently you can use the actual IP addresses or Internet Domain Names names … So its not restricted to just Hifi’s DNS.


Well, IIRC, the staff at Kitely have stated that when the time comes, they’re going to offer HiFi domain hosting, too… which I assume would include them running their own hifi placename server. There WILL be others, you can bet on that.

Mind you, I might be getting that confused with their plan to (also?) have hifi stuff on Kitely Market when the time comes, which they’ve definitely spoken of doing.