Places, where are the?


I don’t get it. tehre must be lot’s of domains in high fidelity. But if you open Places. You only see 10 ? And the online directory seems now compl;ete gone. no couter nothing.

Where are all the domains ?

ADD: Seems there a delay , and then everything else appears.
But browsing on the tablet is no fun.


What I usually tell people to do is type in the name of the domain. Or to press a letter, then backspace, and that usually causes the rest of the domains to pop up.


In my view the places (goto) need a redesign to make the domains more visible.
If i get already uhmm. confused. how does it feel for people that never used it ?
I like to see more domains without much scrolling. And a web based browser version.
Especially the web browser based version can solve easy some problems for now,
Because that can be used without the tablet.