Planning Changes to High Fidelity Menus


Hello everyone,

We’re considering some changes to our current in-world menu structure. There are a number of menu items that are either not used or are improperly located or named.

View --> Independent Mode, for example, is a feature designed to support custom script-driven cameras. It’s a rarely-used feature. We’re looking to relocate it so that it doesn’t clutter our menu system.

Edit --> Autofocus on Select. This feature will automatically focus the orbit camera on an entity when you select it.

If anyone has thoughts, suggestions, favorite items or improvements to our current menus please attach them to this thread and we’ll consider them for feature updates in the next few months.



Most of my editing time in HiFi takes place in Independent mode. What exactly are you planning? If HiFi is going to go HMD only, please make it clear.

As of now, including with the new edit PR, it is almost impossible to move things around here. If a user gets something from the marketplace but can not easily place it where they want, I doubt they will stay.

And yes I do understand the push to VR and I do have HMDs, but until there is no need for desktop why remove stuff like this? Or is there some other reason?

(and, if this is now a game, can we have an official statement?)


Move help to it’s own menu. Nobody expect to find that under file.

A push to VR only is the big mistake a company can make. Still waiting for more friendly desktop high fidelity. Just because VR i only use 10% of the time. Same with chat, need to run default. Not checked for that because tablet in desktop is still after 15 months hell.


I use if often working on avatars… there really is no way to separate the main view / camera from the avatar motion to be able to see the front of the avatar.

It would be nice if the main 3rd person Camera trailed in a more fixed way, so the avatar could walk towards the camera.

The mirror script does help, but we need to be able to fly / move / run / jump and test the rigging etc… not currently possible…


I am using also the independent mode heavily when editing in desktop - 95% of my online time. But I am not using the menu for this. So, are the plans to remove the mode, or just the menu entry?

I would like, if the ‘auto focus on select’ would be consistent when selected (need to select always when restart).

And I really would appreciate, if we would have hotkeys for editing. At least for open the edit menu.


Thanks Twa, I’ve changed this to read “in-world.” And thanks for your vote of support for independent mode.


I use independent mode all the time. In particular, when I use my version of the “inspect.js” script to zoom and pan around the scene as I often do:

Note that the “Independent Mode” menu item isn’t so much a menu item to activate independent mode (at least not as far as I know); rather, it’s a menu item that reflects the current camera mode. So, when I start zooming/panning with Alt-click-hold-and-move-mouse, the menu item switches from “First Person” to “Independent Mode”. When I’m done, I can click the “First Person” menu item to switch back to first-person view, or I can end the zoom/pan session by other means in which case the menu item toggles back to “First Person” automatically, as it were.


OK now I have integrated your inspect script too-)
By the way you have this url :slight_smile:
Happy Sunday @ all


@Sbin Hi. What do you mean by “I have integrated your inspect script too”?

Integrated where?


Hi all is fine-)
I mean I have never use it before
and that you have write a typo in your url dev instead of com


Ahah, so I did. Fixed now, thanks!


I hear you about Help menu! Thanks for your input!


I wanted o look at the front f my avatar to. the only option that worked is the independent mode.
Keep it in the menu.


Ok. am not sure. but independent mode is not doing anything for me. If i want to see the front of the avatar Entity mode seems to work better. (ok i clicked independent before clicking entity mode)

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