Play Giant Chess in VR


I made a giant chess board so you can play chess now in High Fidelity, hope you enjoy and please provide any comments and suggestions!



Hmmmm… 5 meters across. That’s not quite as “giant” as I was picturing when I saw the thread title. :smiley:

That said, 5 meters is probably more managable than the size I WAS picturing. I.e. I was thinking something closer to the one in History of the World, Part 1. >>giggles<<


It’s VR… you can scale it up as big as you want (or make yourself tiny!)


Just bought them. The only thing is that when rezzed many of the chesspieces seemed trapped inside the chessboard. Not a major problem, but maybe here there is the need of a javascript script putting all pieces at their logical position and not trying to find them inside the bell of the chessboard :slight_smile:

ok if you rezz it again you have the same effect as a script resetting the pieces, but then there is another strange effect: rezzing them is giving a kind of “push” so that some of the pieces will “die” instantly without even touch them, it’s a kind of “lottery” a nice game to rez it again and again :slight_smile:


A script to reset the pieces would be a good addition, and I plan to add that at some stage. Every time I rez it they land upright, I’m wondering if your rez location is moving the board a touch? they should rez a foot above and fall onto the board.