Play HTML5 OGV and WEBM videos in sync


Based on some requests I’ve created a script for playing video in ogv and webm format in sync.
Unfortunately, the High Fidelity Web Entity doesn’t support mp4 :unamused:

You can convert your avi or h264 files in OGV format using this free converter:


cd plays
npm install
node server.js

The server run on port 3000

You can access your admin page in a browser at http://yourIP:3000

Create a room, by typing the name of the room (for example: bunny) and press Enter
Select from the drop down the new created room, press Join

In the new opened page type the URL of the video.


press Enter

Now you have your video configured.

On a Web Entity type at SourceURL:
http://yourIP:3000/roomname for example:

The demo can be seen on: