Playa, HTC vive screen appeared a few times in my HMD


Today in HMD mode on playa i did see the Vive screen in my HMD a few times short and then it disappeared again. This gives me the idea that the flickring i see in HMD and menithal to have something to do with that to.

Sad i cannot find a image to show it.
Anyway, installing new nvidia driver now.

Edit, i did see the screen while i where on Playa. that you see when you activate the steamVR software and have no program running that use the HMD


This is actually the SteamVR space.

it occurs when ever your client freeze and doesnt report a few frames completely. Its a fall back mechanism to avoid people from accidentally bumping into objects when a program fails to deliver rendered frames to the devicce.


That confirms that High Fidelity version 4970 is terrible. It’s othing todo with graphics. Something changed in the last release , and not in good way.

If playa is already to heavy…


Playa is actually very heavy to be honest. Even SAndbox.
I had issues when there were multiple avatars and my frames just dropped far enough to have blinking and occasionally phasing to the steamVR space.

I have yet to try it with my new graphics card, will probably try it in todays meeting, but that was with the 780 TI.


We are looking into this. Our evidence suggest that it’s not that 4970 is worse in this case, but that it’s as Menithal mentions very content specific.

It is caused by the “present rate” dropping down below the minimum… and yes it’s definitely a bug.

Are you running any custom scripts? Can you send me a log file for the next time it happens to you.