Playing around with head movement and hair


@philip has been playing around with Faceshift and hair. Check out this little test he put together last night. (please do not share this video outside of the group.


thats so so cool whoaaaa :smiley:


Soo not fair !! How do I get cool hair like that?


@DebsRegent he just has it locally on his machine at the moment.


soo not fair i don’t even have hair rl


Just imagine Judas - you can have hair and even flick it from your face in HF !


damn that takes me back


So, @philip when are you gonna be part of our rock band? We need a head banger, and you definitely fit the part. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah it’s hair metal for sure.


OH that is wild. I’d love to know how you made the hair @philip. just think everyone if the physics work for hair then it will work for clothing attachments. (not that i have a one track mind or anything)


rock it out @philip WOOHOO!