Playstation controllers


Hi All,

Am hoping someone can help out with this - I’m looking at buying a PS controller for use with my shiny new Oculus. Should I be looking at PS2 or PS3 versions?

Also, if there’s any caveats (e.g. any models that are not PC USB compliant) I’d really like to know!


  • davedub


Intressting question, seen them in catalogus. but im also not sure wich one works on a pc.


Here’s a video that describes connecting a PS 4 controller to a Windows 7 PC…


Looks good. only you cannot use the ps4 to control hands.

We need more hands for hifi :smile:


I’ve tested a PS3 controller via bluetooth on OS X - once we start building SDL 2 into the installer versions you will be able to use gamepad.js to test some Oculus specific controls with any SDL friendly game controller.

I would recommend PS3 as long as it works with SDL on windows. An Xbox 360 controller (although this uses a dongle) will work as well!


PS3 it is then - thank y’all!

  • davedub