Please check your marketplace or directory listing


Hi All,

During a migration of some of our assets yesterday we lost some of the content that was on the directory and marketplace .


  • Marketplace: Please check your marketplace listing. If your content does not show up, please send me a new photo, .fst or json/svo file. Depending on what is missing
  • Directory: Please check your directory listing and upload a new photo if the one you have up there is missing:

Apologies for the error and please email me if you have any questions.



I cannot check my items, because there’s still a bug present. once you used a marketplace items. i cannot load it again without seing this error, and then it fails. Now it only got harder to know if it’s  a missing file a the cache again.

I need to retest it, but sofar i remember when i delete the cache directory manual from disk i can load items in the past, after it’s loaded once it break again. But right now it’s hard to test because which items work and wich ones are broken ?

Here’s the threat

So, need to wait for that fix from the other threat first before i can check for broken items.


  • Deleting Cache and Data8 directory.
  • Starting interface.exe
  • Object 1 , fail. so that really seems gone.
  • Found final Object 2, also a fail.
  • 3rd object , same error window as above.

My other objects i cannot find, the search is not working in interface.exe so hard to find things back.


I’m going to drop my market place assets here (then the thread can act as what we like to call a back up :wink:

Judas chat


My suggestion, it make things more easy.
Start the whole marketplace from scratch !
Just delete everything, and let people upload it again.

Now it’s looking for needle in haystack.


Wont that delete everything everyone has used?


Hmm, good point !
But i think the content on the marketplace is only a symbolic link to your hosting space. and the object inworld is using that url, or mabye a special url.

I cannot check it, because no single item on marketplace is working.
But if the keep the old assets. and only wipe the listings on the marketplace i think it’s safe.


I’ve been away for most of the last week but… just wondering why you ask what is missing from marketplace etc.

Much of the directory seems to be there but 90+ percent of the marketplace is missing. Is this just for me???.. or has no one else looked?

I’ve looked from Interface and directly from the the net. Both are the same.


@Twa_Hinkle , See begin of the topic. there’s a link. A Boo Boo happend.


thanks for your help guys.


Possible nothing todo with the Boo Boo.

But what hapend with the Zach avatar ? That where the only good one in the list.


what was the FST? @Richardus.Raymaker


I do not know @chris i know other people used that avatar to. i have my own hosted one. High Fidelity must have uploaded that avatar in the begin.

Sorry, i do not have the FST. it’s just complete gone from the marketplace listing.


Zack is

sintel_v4 is

Zack seems to be back online, Sintel is not. But walk.js does not seem to animate Zack now as it did… and I note that some of the Marketplace avatars (e.g. “Mery” and “tamala”) go into T pose and stick like that… with walk.js running or not. All the avatars look like they need a thorough clean up.


@Chris… Sintel is still missing. Can you restore that too?

URL was…