Please help us stress test our Dev Server


Hi there,

we, the Team of Indigofuzz would like to perform a large scale stress test on our sturdy little Dev Server this coming Sunday(12.04.2015). The event was dubbed the “Fuzzy Flash Mob”.

If you could spare a little bit of time to hang out with us there, it would be much appreciated. If we make it crash, that’s ok, at least we will know the limits.

The results of this stress test will be made publicly available in their entirety.


Great, can you give us a time please, and a location, and we will happily try to crash your domain :wink:

In fact I would like to suggest we turn it into a “rolling crash party” if I can borrow your fuzzy flash mob when you are done I would love to drag them over to my domain and stress test it also.

Then on to the next unsuspecting domain owner, I mean the next one who wants a stress test, then we can compare notes.


This sounds like fun! Ok, I hope I can get my domain up by then so that we can crash it too!


Give the mob a name. People join things with names. With a nice group identity, they’ll hang together and become a persistent force. Fuzzy doesn’t work for me. Try Elite Flash Mob (EFM) or Crash Attack.


How about The Crash Flash Mob


LOL can call it “Domain Environment Extrapolation Party” DEEP - Everyone come get DEEP and lets see how well it holds up!


We will open it up 11am CET

It will run over the day and will be locked up again in the evening.


Crashing is ok, like i said, although we are mainly interested in load statistics.


Please see follow-up thread: