Please lose the gratuitous transparency


Maybe this is happening because transparency rendering is broken presently, or, maybe devs use one billion to one plasma displays with 10.0 gamma. But for the rest of us, the 30-50% transparency of text is a total mess. I urge that all text displays, whether a script, whether that unreadable name above the avatars, or, even simple elements like the updates-pending dialog not use transparency, or, it you insist on it, use values like 5-10% transparency. Ideally the effect ought to be a blur to reduce the distracting high spatial frequencies of the background.

See how several sections of the update dialog are unreadable because too much high spatial frequency background gets through to the foreground.


Yes the pop up window really needs to have more opaqueness to if.


I 100% totally agree. I see transparency like this as a totally wasteful overhead. I think there was a time when Firestorm had all it’s panel shipped with transparency. I would have to spend some time removing it from each and every panel.
I tried to have the users online panel visible off because of the transparency only to find this caused the edit button to disappear too.


Here is a smarter transparency that uses Gaussian blur of the background to remove the annoying background clutter:

And, here is how to do it:


Yes, it’s bad. it’s combinatioon of transparancy, font size (it’s to tiny font) and a bad foreground/background color. Makes it hard or impossible to read.

I vote fopr no transparency, in Secondlife that’s always the first thing you need to turn off in the viewers to make things readable. well, it’s with every application the same. transparancy is bad if it contains rfeadable text.


I agree that the blur effect is pretty looking and accomplishes the goal of making stuff readable while maintaining a feel of presence, but I don’t think the current compositor implementation could accomplish this very easily (much as this would be super fun to do). I’ll talk to Leo about changing the background to opaque or minimally transparent.


That’s a reasonable way to go. Eventually Interface will support depth of field blurring, and that is when the blurring effect can be revisited


Actually, I DO tend to leave transparency on for my windows in Firestorm. :smiley: And I have no problem reading the text in windows that are transparent there.