Please take videos of your HF experiences and put onto YouTube


Hi folks,

I’m avidly following High Fidelity - I’d love to see videos of what you’re doing.

Even if you just use a smart phone for a few seconds or minutes, then post it onto YouTube that will be great - we can all see what you’ve done. 'Doesn’t have to be hi-res, just do it so we can know. In the title, include the words 'High Fidelity" so we can filter for time of upload to see what’s happening currently.


Bruce Thomson in New Zealand.


How did you know that is what I am going to do!

I did record some stuff from earlier today 8/4/2017, should be up by tomorrow or maybe before the end of the night, currently most of it will be un-edited so might be some long vids.

Later I will post a link to the vids.

1st Video, just me goofing around with some cool people.