POLL - VR Store With No Programming Required!


To create a VR store that prevents uses from ripping the URL from the Log, I will need to be able to place a ‘for-sale’ asset onto the ATP. You must trust my company will not sell your assets. (setup in the agreement and ToS)

Would you be in favor of building your in-world store (or maybe even whole domain) within the scope of one of mine?

  • Yes - but I will point to a URL for my assets.
  • Yes - but I will point to the ATP for my assets.
  • No - i’ve got my own domain; thanks anyway.
  • Maybe - Let me think about it.

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Is there any guarantee that my assets will be secure?


Flogging a dead horse here. If someone is going to run an external program to steal the memory cache of their graphics card; how in the hell do I stop that? I will absolutely force users to agree to a Terms of Service, but dude, even you claim to be a thief…

BUT, if the asset is served from the ATP, then it is at least safe from rip from browser + log file


Thinks everything can be stolen thats unavoidavle
I like hifis proof that this was bought from us concept


I agree with you here. Which is why any asset that would be sold on my domain, I would have to purchase. Make sense? I’d have no other way to prove I own the asset that I am offering as a in-world item? That sounds confusing when I read it aloud. It will make sense soon…


Seriously, the only real way to fend off piracy of your stuff is to make sure your legit stuff is very easy to find, and is reasonably inexpensive enough that everyone who wants it can come get it from the legit source instead of the pirated version… and you write off the pirated stuff as free advertising.


So true!!

That was exactly the reason why this friend of mine happily stopped using Napster as soon as iTunes & Co. came up with some user (buyer) friendly solutions for the online distribution of music & movies :wink:

Let’s pin that to our skyboxes as soon as we get heated up in the everlasting piracy discussion again :purple_heart::moneybag::sunglasses:


Anyone out there interested in being an alpha-tester for this in-world store prototype?


I fend off piracy by creating mediocre stuff.


This poll is still open and I still need your vote…

btw… the 40% of you (current metric at time of writing) must be elite js programmers if you intend to sell your in-world creations on your own domain.

Someone’s not talking…
Clock is ticking…
Good Luck.


I think that your targeted audience is just not arrived yet in HF.
The idea is good.