PolygonMonster mini Blog - (3d modeling, rigging, avatars, clothing, etc)


Hello hifi people, I’m about to start posting in this thread my experience of my development of avatars, clothing and learning how to rigg those in Blender following different compendiums that are already around here in the hifi alpha forum. I hope to learn a lot since I mostly do 3d modeling and texturing but I want to expand my knowledge in rigging and see how far I can go and learn not only from you guys but I can also share what I know with all of you. So lets get started.

My tools of choice:


Here my first experiment, starting to sculpt a face and different variations of hair. Next will be some male variations, going to explore between teenage proportions to adults.


Might be worth exploring for baby to preteen bodies, too.


Some clothing I’ve been doing using Mixamo Fuse female base avatar. The rigging could be challenging to the fuse rigg algorithm, so I hope to take some time next week for retopo and rigging tests.


Hi guys, I’m going to start doing some Twitch.tv videos from time to time creating avatars, clothing and other content. Here, I will be around for an hour or two. You can join me in the chat if you want. twitch.tv/polygonmonster


Le crash… it was interesting to watch but I wonder how easily you can get something like that to import into HiFi (or other online place) and have it not drag down the FPS. I am assuming that you would take the final model and then reduce it so it would not be so large, but even then…


I am keenly curious to see how these avatar models will do. It may take a bit of polygon reduction to not blow peoples texture memory. That is the tension with high definition items, getting it all to fit in the GPU of most computers.


It’s been a while since I don’t post here, I ended up moving from my island (kinda running away since economy was about to colapse :frowning: ) but now is a new begining, let’s start fresh.

Here my design for the HiFi pet challenge, hope to get some time free tonight to begin with the sculpt and see if I can get the whole retopo, textures and bakes for the end of the week.

Concept done in photoshop and krita.


Yesterday I started to work with the main shapes of the dragon in blender. Will work on it a little bit more tonight.


Small update, playing with the head and materials. Soon video timelapse.


Small update, I had to stop using Blender for sculpting for some reason related to performance so I’m jumping back to zbrush. I feel Blender right now for sculpting is really good for… let’s say sketching your base mesh since is a lot more faster than zbrush in a lot of areas. For more information about those issues here the link where I’m explaining it with more details in blenderartists forum. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?264568-Dyntopo-tests&p=3075551&viewfull=1#post3075551


Hope to see that dragon, great work!


Retopo, work in progress.


Small update for one of the characters I started doing last year.


Are the clothes integrated in, or is that something that can be swapped out for other outfits?


I’m making them separate so they can work as attachments for any other body (still not sure how they will fit and how they will deform with other body proportions).


So, part of the av-generating system used here has a feature where clothes would conform themselves around the arm-thicknesses and leg-thicknesses and stuff of other avs? Without having to selectively alpha the avs to avoid pokethrough?


I will be streaming some content creation for 1 or 2 hours.