Poor Oculus CV1performance 5029


I’m getting really poor performance with the cv1 in hifi looking left and right in Playa its very jittery/jumpy the frame rate is fine but its jumping. My pc meets the minimum spek for hifi and the rift
So a couple of thoughts and questions
This is probably content related.if I go to a virtually empty domain I don’t get this jumpiness.
If I play games like Project cars or Valkrie its performs perfectly
Hows it working for everyone else there? Are you using a gtx 970 like me
Id splash the cash on a 1080 but feel that as it works with everything else this must be either a bug my own incompetence or hifi needing more tweaking .

But the question is cv1 in playa with a gtx 970 hows it working for you?


Okay, not a cv1 but a vive with gtx 970. Playa was fine for me, until the beta release 12. Not sure about the version number, guess 4970. Since that update its not much fun to be there, unfortunately.


So maybe its the latest build, wonder what went in


Sorry, meant its since release 12 and 4970 - but, it’s just my experience.


CV1 with a single GTX 970. Yes Playa is choppy. VERY choppy. Do you get the hourglass thing often? I however think it is related to the number of avatars, and the attempted simultaneous physics display. Yes, it is not optimal even when attempting Playa solo; but becomes super problematic when there are +15 of us, and tonnes of collision entities bouncing all over the place.


@judas, no it’s not you. and am complaining about it since i have my htc vive. My card is GTX980 !and it works terrible on playa.It worked already bad with the 4970. but 5029 it’s worse. also steam tells me there frame drops. My framerate dropped below 40fps yesterday. I hope that @Caitlyn send this to the devs.

Already get problems if i look ip in my tree’s on my domain. and the are really not so heavy as people think.

It’s anyway something that need to be fixt with priority. I spend money on htc vive. so no monry left for new graphics card that is for my feeling useless investment.

It feels more that for some reason high fidelity cannot hold a steady dataflow to the graphics card. with the results we all know.

  • Low framerrate
  • htc vive screen appears.
  • Jitter and jumpy when you move.


i didn’t attempt playa yesterday rifted up cos i was awaiting the correct kinda usb3 port , turns out i had the wrong kind lol i now have a inateck one which now recognizes the rift correctly. I was vaguely hoping that would cure my hifi woes .
But as everyone else is suffering we need to give the devs a stern talking too and potentially take away their supply of danishes till its cured


Run the resource monitor app. See if there is heavy disk activity happening when you turn around @ playa.


Domain | |Playa |—|---|—|---Render Rate: | |90 |Present Rate: | |90 |Present New Rate: | |88 |CPU Buffer Count: | |7191 |GPU Buffer Count: | |2061 |CPU Memory Usage: | |116023296 |GPU Memory Usage: | |77824000 |CPU Texture Count: | |437 |GPU Texture Count: | |769 |GPU Transfer Count: | |0 |CPU Texture Memory Usage: | |340394104 |GPU Texture Memory Usage: | |1754739541 |GPU Virtual Memory Usage: ||2810258677|Triangle Count: | |1037006 |Triangle Rate: | |94273272 |API Drawcall Count: | |386 |Drawcall Count: | |1155 |Drawcall Rate: | |105000 |State Changes Texture Count:expressionless: |337 |Pipeline Count: | |34 |Item Opaques: | |517 |Item Translucents: | |32 |Item Lights: | |40 |Timing Opaques: | |4310 |Timing Translucents: | |169 |Timing Lighting: | |385 |Render Frame: | |6203 |


In non-HMD mode, when I go to playa, I hit 26MB/sec on disk I/O and FPS tanks, Once that drops back to 100KB/sec, FPS is back up to 45-59 (it depends where I am looking, scene complexity, etc.). While I was there someone else showed up using the high-def avatar. At that point, the disk I/O hit 12MB/s and stayed that way until they left. During that time my FPS tanked to 3 and wobbled its way back up to the 40s until, that is, the other avatar moved or if I turned around. Then another round of 3FPS, etc. until they left.

No idea why this build now has worse performance. In build previous to this one there was a bunch of nice work done to eliminate gratuitous disk I/O that ends up causing myriad little blockages of the UI/render thread. Those little blockages tank FPS. Maybe a regression? Or perhaps some new set of criteria that causes tons of disk I/O.

@Judas, go buy a high end SSD. Being so fast, it may well mask the problem.


the fps stays high but its like the headtracking isnt working its horrible, i have a ssd


I tried to track it, but i do not think HDD access is the porblem. i have fast SSD.
ALso my Framerate keeps low in HMD mode on the meeting. it only diod go up when you avoided the vrowed and other heavy content.

@judas. what program did you use for that stat logging ?




Then you are see many small delays in rendering rate, probably 50ms delays when you turn. See if there is a fast render time sampler (there might be something that sends that kind of stuff to the logs because you’ll not be able to see it on the 1 second samplers. This is getting to be something the devs should look into since it is affecting people with high end systems.



First off – I want to let you all know… by no means do we consider our work to be “done” on smooth FPS… we are very much aware that improvement needs to be made. There are handful of things in this thread and I want to try to address them piece by piece.

  1. Disk I/O and FPS – Yes, we are very aware that when there is significant disk I/O you will see a drop in FPS. As Balpien mentions, we recently found one source of this conflict and made some improvements. I am pretty sure we haven’t had a regression on that specific fix (but we’ll do some digging to double check). More likely the disk IO issues described above are from the loading of content (as you turn to see new parts of the scene, you will load in new content). We do have plans for how to improve this, and we will be work on this in the future. This particular issue appears more dramatic on an HMD, because you naturally turn to see more by just turning your head, where with a desktop turning is a more deliberate key based approach.

  2. HTC Vive vs CV1 — there is actually a pretty big difference between the CV1 and the HTC Vive in how the lower level SDKs handle “time warping” – so in general just because CV1 behaves one way, and HTC behaves similarly, it may or may not be the same issue. I suspect in this case, you’re all experiencing something higher level (like possibly the disk IO issue). But I just want to note that these two HMDs are different in several fundamental ways, and sometimes those differences will matter in these types of discussions.

  3. Playa performance in general – Playa is open, and people can add stuff to it… and often do… and so whenever you see a change in behavior in Playa, it may not be a change from “the build version” and it might instead be a change in “the content you’re seeing”. I’m just putting this out there, because when we jump in to debug this to determine if there’s a regression in the product behavior, we also need to be aware that the content can also be the source of issues… this is particularly true of “avatars” which are also content.

  4. Texture usage is a hot spot – We know one of our hot spots is texture usage. And playa is a bit of a torture test there. Judas’s render stats logs shows that in the scene he was running in 1.7GB of actual texture memory and 2.8GB “virtual” texture memory… This is very likely putting a strain on the system in our current implementation. And if for example in this moment another user appeared using a photo-real avatar, that strain could be more significant.

  5. Avatar Blendshapes are a hot spot – We know another hot spot is how blenshapes are currently handled. We will be doing work in the future on this, but in the mean time, be aware that as more avatars join the scene, more demands are placed on the CPU side of things, and that can result in the frame rate to drop dramatically. This may be even worse for systems that have awesome video cards but not the fastest CPU. - I’m not saying this by anyway as an excuse, I’m simply explaining that this is a known issue that can change the effect of things when there are more avatars present.

  6. CV1 Head tracking - Judas’s comment “the fps stays high but its like the headtracking isnt working its horrible” – this is very interesting. We haven’t made any changes to how our head tracking is handled for CV1 or other hmds recently (not for months really)… But that comment sounds very relevant. I have personally seen that the CV1 head tracking is much much more susceptible to tracking occlusion, and I wonder if you might have been experiencing that. The Vive can also have this happen, but it’s more rare (because of the 2 light houses and the difference in how Vive does head tracking vs CV1). Is it possible that you’re CV1 setup has been adjusted recently and you’re simply getting out of view of your cameras? This particular issue may need to be teased out and separate from this thread in general.

  7. Balpien shouldn’t consider the nickname Cassandra… because we do actually listen to you. :slight_smile:


Knows its all work in progress
I get the problems at playa and at my own domain Free when I’m the only person there. I let everything load up so i’m guessing its all cached
3)Playa is open maybe you need to introduce temporary items :stuck_out_tongue:
4)I have been working hard to reduce the texture load on my own domain currently its under half a gig but im still under the impression that triangle count is handled by the lod culling thngy.
5) We could try blendshape free avatars for meetings see how things hold up but i get this judder alone so maybe its my avatar
6 The head tracking works fine in other software, rock solid. In Virtually empty domains it runs smooth so I could just have an empty domain if that helps? perhaps a content ban may simplify the progress :smiley:
Its prettymuch unusable for me in this build in the cv1
You guys have a big pile of cv1’s are you telling me it works perfectly for you? if that is the case can you share your hardware specs?


So – I just want to make sure I read that correctly… The current build works fine in an “empty domain”-- but is unusable in Playa?

That sounds like a content related issue and not a “build” issue.

Note: I’m not blaming the content, we are going to do more work to handle keeping things smooth no matter what the content is (that may mean that we simply don’t render some content when your system comes under load like this)… we’re still working on what’s the lesser of the two evils in this case.


I think its a content problem also but we do need content if im honest lol. If im in a empty domain with nothing but a red entity to stand on it runs great


Somewhere north of that is certainly our goal. :slight_smile:

Anyway - it’s interesting that you were getting 90 render/90 present - and still seeing something problematic with jutter in your head pose. That’s definitely not expected. I will try to think about ways that we can debug that better.


Thanks @ZappoMan altho id prefer to blame someone than to cure it