Porting a Daz3D Avatar?


Is it possible to port an Avatar from Daz3D? An avatar like the Victoria 7 kind?

Where does everyone hangout in the Metaverse? I logged in the other day and nobody was online.

When will we the metaverse be in Beta?


Hello @BitGuy1,

  1. If it is possible to export into Binary FBX 2013 standard, then yes it is. Just look up on any tutorials showing you how to export a model as fbx from Daz3D.
  2. As of the moment people are usually the most active during meeting days (Fridays) or after major updates: Otherwise most of the activity is sporadic at best with people experimenting with things, as Hifi is still in Alpha. Oddly enough most active users Ive bumped to are infact in Europe, and are most active between 19-22 GMT, not sure about US time though as I am usually at work then.
  3. Beta is still a long ways to go. No official date given yet.

Hopefully that helps :smiley:


DAZ3D Avatars have a very high polycount. It may be to much for hf. So maybe you should decimate the polycount before the export. But yes, you can convert with the fbxconverter.



Also am not sure if the DAZ license allow you to use it in high fidelity. I have the free daz. but not like the packadge and i think the license where not usefull to in that time.


@Richardus.Raymaker does point out a correct thing about the daz model licenses. Make sure you have the rights to use the models.


Well I have tried. Sure the pose is messed, but it would work somehow. Only with the rights - yes you should look for this carefully.

But the same problem I have with Mixamo avatars It is allowed to use them inside a game. But if I bring them on a public server - is this allowed?


Yes your post has been tremendously helpful! :smile:



This is covered in the Mixamo EULA and stated on every product page.  Mixamo is
always royalty free!  The only stipulation is that the model must be
’embedded’.  You cannot share a rigged .fbx or unrigged .obj file.  It
must be INSIDE a game or movie.


All the software on the Mixamo site is free. You get unlimited rigging of characters if you use Fuse and then Mixamo to make your characters. If you want to use Mixamo to rig a character that you upload then you only get 10 rigs. You can always make a new account if use up your 10 rigs and get 10 more tries.
They have nuff tutorials to help you if you get stuck.


Thank you for your information I’ll definitely look into it :slight_smile:


Yes @subongo, I have read this. But this don’t answer my question. I must upload my avatars to a public server, if I want to use them in hf. Is this embedded, is this allowed? I don’t know. You have already the connection to Mixamo, maybe you could ask this.


Yes you can use it on sever for online game. I think they allow this because you advertise their product for free. You can use Avatar to make your own movie too. Many people use Second life to make short movie or video and upload to Youtube.
But if you want me to ask Jeanette Mathews more question ask me and I will ask her for you.


I asked Jeanette Mathews about Blender and Mixamo problem that everybody has on HF and she sent me this letter:

Mathews (Mixamo)
20, 4:31 PM

Ronald! The .fbx for Unity is not required for HiFi. :slight_smile: Our standard .fbx works
as well. There is almost no difference between .fbx and .fbx for Unity, as the
later only changes the file names to use the Unity convnetion of
charactername@animationpose file naming. The actual animation/posing information
is identical.
all that said, we have not worked much with Blender as their .fbx support has
been spotty so far. We recommend using collada (.dae) when importing to Blender
2.73 or earlier and only using .fbx on 2.74 which we have not tested yet. Since
Blender isn’t our software we don’t have any control over how their files
export, unfortunately and it isn’t very high on our priority list, I’m
regards to importing your content to Fuse, I’d be happy to help with any
problems there if you have more details.
Mathews | Mixamo


Yes @subongo, I think also in this way, but my dropbox isn’t a game server, the avatars are in a public folder.


I also have tried the iClone avatars, which can be exported. They would work well and they are royalty free in the export version.


You also can use them inside your game, but it is also written:

  1. You are not authorized to sell, resell, sell as, duplicate, distribute, sub-license, publish, market, or represent - for re-sale or as free objects, any REALLUSION CONTENT STORE Content or ‘The Model’, or any derivative thereof.
  2. You are authorized to modify, sell modified versions, distribute modified versions, market, or re- present - for re-sale or as free objects, any default content, except content designated as official contributing artist content, or any derivative thereof.

It may be also interesting to have a look at a iClone store. There every developer can have an own store at the marketplace. For the upload you have an upload manager and you can package an character with all attachments and animations.
Here is my little store on iClone: http://city.reallusion.com/store/Tesira

and here the community marketplace: http://city.reallusion.com/marketplace.aspx


Yes your avatars are public because you want them to link up to HiFi. Nobody can download and access the contents of your public folder the same way people can access links from web page. If you give somebody link to a Mixamo file on your public folder I think this is not allowed because they can maybe sell your file on another site. But everybody do this already because we are all working together for HF.
When I upload content to HF for market anybody who uses the content only uses it on the HF game. I can not download anything from the market.
I don’t think you are allowed to make and rig and avatar and then sell it to Blender swap or Turbo Squid. And there is not need for this be cause it is free. But again if you give somebody the link to a file from your sever they can try to sell it on.
But equally if you write JavaScript code and uploaded it to HF I think it becomes the property of HF.
When you join a virtual world always read the EULA => an End-User License Agreement (EULA)
or software license agreement is the contract between the licensor and
purchaser, establishing the purchaser’s right to use the software

But if you make python script for a Blender addon by yourself ( example Avastar) then you can sell or license it for other people to use.
If you use Blender to make a movie using Mixamo character you make I think you are the owner of the movie until you put it on the web.

ATP Assets, License and Domain Agreements

Maybe we should have @chris and @philip make a regular meeting about intellectual property rights, public domain,royalty and End-User License Agreement.
When alpha and beta stage is finished every creator and developer will be wanting to earn money from intellectual property rights.

ATP Assets, License and Domain Agreements

To legally use DAZ models in a game, you need to purchase a game license $500.



This problem seems to be an issue because presently there is zero barrier for others not involved in the ‘game’ platform (High Fidelity) from getting content. It seems we can easily deal with this quickly by introducing a modest barrier. Something as simple as the interface app presenting a SHA2 hash of a baked-in static key and asset name that the asset serving sites verify against is enough barrier to meet the letter of all those EULAs.


The only way to make an avatar that works with the scripts on HF is to use expensive Maya or free Fuse and Mixamo.
If you use Mixamo and HF decide to call it a day next week you lose nothing copyright wise.
Most VW’s state in the license that you agree to the company having ownership of any content that you make. I would hope that by the time HF is out of beta we can all use blender to make characters. But I also feel HF is geared more too the 3d virtual reality than avatars.