Porting a Daz3D Avatar?


@subongo , you all characters can pose with a script, if they have joints. Here for example I have done it as test for an iClone game bone avatar.

You only must name the bones right in the script, so how they are named in the avatar.


At the moment I am using the Mixamo free animation to pose characters I upload in edit mode. I turn the animation off scroll through the animation frames to make pose. I tried the animation with the avatars but the animation does not look good.
The hips do not animate. Maybe you could fix the hips so the animation works better.
I wish I understood JavaScript. I have some old script for making A player walk with motion capture file and then rest with motion capture file.


I never have uploaded an animation. I use my pose editor, to make my poses. But have seen a menu topic “Shift hips…”.

No clue, if this may help.


Shift hips does nothing. I think HF are still looking for an animation software engineer.


Animations cant affect the avatars positions, so its as if you are “pinned” to a specific spot by the hips. The default do not shift hips in idle works as intended, but if it is unchecked, it works very inconsistently.

It seems to pin the furthest foot away from the body and keep dragging the avatar off to a distance. You should probably do a separate bug post the subject.


I think @chris is aware of the issue. When I watched the video where he adds animation to a dummy character he was careful to add the idle animation.

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Damn. My bad.

That is a damn shame, I was hoping to avoid Blender. Either way, thanks.