Ports Used by High Fidelity


Hi! I’m an educator learning to use High Fidelity. I cannot connect to any other instance of High Fidelity except the one on my own machine. Our school, like every school in NC, is provided internet by the same ISP. This ISP tends to block most ports. I am guessing this is the issue (it was with OpenSim).

They are willing to unblock ports for me but I need to know which ports High Fidelity needs. Help?


Suprissed, i cannot find it on the docs page. But i use port 40100-40105


Thank you! I’ll try getting these unblocked, see if it works then.


Firewall and ports for HiFi Domain Server/Stack Manager - At 15:31 04/08/2014, @leo (High Fidelity) wrote:


@Ai_Austin Would you be able to advise me on how to configure my WebSocket config.xml for proper Agent engagement?



Sorry @AlphaVersionD I have not tried that on my systems or servers. My quote was from @leo at High Fidelity and was for the normal stack manager/server.