Positive Steps To Be Taken In Software Market / Creating / Develop


That’s concentrate on the marketplace for now it seems to me that this is been turned into a place where things can be locked down to the degree when people are just trying to create things right now

Particularly when it comes down to items that have an Creative Commons License Free Download

I totally disagree with this argumentation that it’s okay to lead a technology to take over without principles before it’s implemented

you could say this is just teething problems and maybe it is but it is inherently breaking the model right now

of openness and sharing to create new things and new ideas

Let’s not break this model but instead strengthen it

And make a market that we are proud of so you can sell items but creative at the same time

I’m sure people will create new markets of their own but let’s give them something to work on on principle lead by example

I would love to hear people’s thoughts on software in general ?


Can you clarify this statement please? I’m uncertain I understand. Thanks.


This is not an easy thing to explain for sure but it’s more down to feeling and the idea how it works to the user and everybody else without discriminating and coming to a happy medium of understanding

in the case of the market it was pushed for people to use the wallet what’s not totally ready yet
but bodied is a great idea principal


Can you try? I’m willing to do my best to please visitors in the future.

Just finished reading your comment about wallet and I can agree with that statement. It’s closed beta, which seems ‘selective’ to put it politely.


Sure if you would like to meet up in your convenient place maybe we can have open consultation about it ? with voice