Possibly just a noob question but should my entities be saving?


My first day here and it has been challenging/fun …now that I’ve learned how to walk! With only a little trouble, I was able to pull the stack manager from git, compiled it with no errors and got it running on a fresh install of Ubuntu 15.04. I can log into it from Interface…can import objects from the store and can create objects. I can export them and import them but as soon as I logout from interface, they are gone. I log back into an empty world.

I looked through the domain-server & assignment-clients logs and saw nothing suspicious except this when the assignment client starts:

[DEBUG] [08/31 23:37:33] [2014] [entity-server] Now running… started at: 08/31/2015 11:37:33 PM [09/01/2015 03:37:33 AM UTC]
[DEBUG] [08/31 23:37:33] [2014] [entity-server] loading Octrees from file: “resources/models.json.gz” …
[CRITICAL] [08/31 23:37:33] [2014] [entity-server] Cannot open gzipped json file for reading: “resources/models.json.gz”

I checked and found that file is not there to be read.

Have I missed something?


I have had the same problem. I have done this.

  1. install zlib
  2. add a folder resources to the assignment client folder
  3. have a look at the config file, if there is an part for entities.
  4. if not, go to the webpage for your domain and add a backup rule. Through this the backup rules also will be written in the config file. It seems, that through the web interface only the parts are updated, which you have changed one time.


yes, yes, maybe and yes! Thank you. …and then…no :frowning:

I didn’t have zlib installed nor was there a resources folder in the assignment-client folder so I created it.

At this point it still wasn’t working so I created a new backup though I wasn’t sure which config file I was looking for.

…and it worked! Several times I logged in, created something, logged out and back in. Then turned back on the option to let only editors create (with me as an editor) and logged back in to find everything is gone. Turned the ‘editor only’ option and still nothing is being created again.

I am seeing this in the server log but don’t know if it’s imporant:

[DEBUG] [09/01 10:52:38] Requesting public key for user “bsberger”
[DEBUG] [09/01 10:52:38] Could not verify user “bsberger” as allowed editor. In the interim this user will be given edit rights to avoid a thrasing of public key requests and connect requests.

But now I have to get ready for work so can’t play with it again for a bit. Any more/other suggestions will be eagerly consumed upon my arrival.


Well, look again, if you are really an allowed editor. I also had this, if I haven’t quitted the changes with a return or going to a other input field. I have looked again and was not registered as allowed editor in the web interface.


I just saw your new post about issues with Interface after updating. After my objects appeared and I thought it was fixed, I too installed that update that kept screaming for attention…so will try teleporting out and back to see if that makes a difference. (already verified that I am really an allowed editor :slight_smile:


And also look for your position. If you teleport, it can happen, that the position has changed after teleporting back.


And so now is when I confess that it really was a noob problem on my part. Things seem to work much better when one starts enough assignment-clients :wink: