Post All Feature Requests and Bugs on Official Roadmap


Thank you to everyone who has posted feature requests and bugs both on the forum and on High Fidelity’s official Roadmap. We appreciate your time and effort. The response to our Roadmap has been excellent, and clarifications from everyone have been helpful.

Now that our Roadmap has been active for over a month, to ensure we keep careful track of all feature requests and bugs, we ask that everyone reports these items on the Roadmap going forward. We are closing down the Help & Troubleshooting section of the forums so all information is in one place.

That said, we want to give adequate time for this adjustment, so we will wait 1 week before changing the “Help & Troubleshooting” section of the forum to read-only on Wednesday, March 6, at 11am PST. If there are outstanding feature requests and/or bugs that you see here on the forum but not on the Roadmap, please do add them to the Roadmap.

As before, if you’d like to report a bug that contains sensitive data, you can always email, and we’ll file an internal ticket.

We understand this is a change for many long-time users, but this will not only help us all consolidate information and keep better track of all feature requests and bugs, it will provide continued visibility into what we’re working on.

Find more information on how to use and read the Roadmap here.

Thank you!


I am pleased that there is a central and active bug reporting and suggestions system in place. Kudos for this.

But shouldnt you be closing the “Bugs” and “Suggestions” forums instead of the “Help and troubleshooting” section?
People rely on other users to answer simple questions and help them get online and logged in and this is where they go, or else what will end up happening is the general section of the forum will become bloated with these posts and unamangeable.
Help is not bugs, I suggest you leave the help section as is and tell people to refer any bugs to the roadmap.
People tend to ask the question of the community before they then report it as a bug, if you remove this you will get a lot of pointless posts about things that could have been solved easilly by the community saving you money and time.


I agree with what @Adrian says. it’s the first place I come when I get stuck (which happens often). If I have to go to the roadmap to submit what I think is a bug, then wait (maybe a week?) to find out what the powers that be think of it, then wait some more for it to be rectified …

When I can use the Hive’s experience to solve a problem with a work around, usually within 24 hours, why wouldn’t I?


I’m on the same page with @Adrian and @Tim.Crook!

The “Help & Troubleshooting” section is like a Reddit for daily HiFi challenges - everybody can discuss in depth what that special bug on this weird machine might be and how one could hack around it…
And it’s a great place to learn how everything in HiFi works! Also in hindsight.

I love the official Roadmap, but Canny should rather be a precise reporting tool in which one shouldn’t have to read half a novel in order to decide on upvoting or not.

Please keep “Help & Troubleshooting” active in the Forums :purple_heart::woman_student::sunglasses:


'Make a stucky note o. top if the correct forum pages that point to the roadmap with some extra info.

posted this on canny 3 days ago asking for help
Objects my customers are buying are vanishing
still yet to get a reply
Or even a hey judas we know about it or even the go to if u have a bug email support thing
I dont have a bug the market place has a bug
Its not affecting me its affecting both my and hifis customers tho


It… makes no sense

Feature requests & bugs should all be on the roadmap, agreed. But Help & Troubleshooting is something completely different, something that definitely belong in the forums, this is where I would go to find out if what I am experiencing is A bug? stupidity? or lack of features so I can take appropriate action, heck I even read these just to learn the answers to questions I may have in the future.

I came here wanting to ask a question (in Help & Troubleshooting), not report a bug, not make a feature request, so where do I take this?

Feature request: write an answer to this question?
Bug report: I don’t know this, please fix?

I could mail support but:

  1. I am not necessarily expecting hi-fi staff to answer this, it’s for the community and if I am lucky, any user, staff or not, who has knowledge on the subject will chip in.

  2. maybe 22 others have the same question, it’s a waste having support answer the same question 10 times (12 will drop it and play with something else).

loose the subcategories (Bugs, Suggestions & requests, Entities, Stack manager) but keep the Help & Troubleshooting forum.

P.S. there is a scripting questions sub in Development hmm some rearranging maybe.


Thank you all for your feedback on this.

We can definitely appreciate our community wanting to collaborate and tackle issues that arise with building on the platform together. The “Development” section is an appropriate place to bring build questions to the community; please use the category “Questions”. For non-build related questions, we will add a “Community Help” section in General where users can ask other users questions. Both of these modifications will also happen next Wednesday, March 6, at 11am PST.

HiFi staff will be actively working on triaging and updating the official Roadmap, as well as responding to emails that come to

@Judas - Thanks for your patience on this. There have been some staff replies on your bug entry. If you have any more data to add on there, please do so, as the bug is Under Review. Thank you!

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