Post to add in .fbx files with issues


Off the back of our meetup today, I am creating this forum post as a place to add .fbx files that have issues.


-Only add a cube fbx
-Explain what the issue is with a picture of how you see it within High Fidelity and how you expect to see it.



Here are the issues with specular maps and transparency,


Ok next vid is method one blender render baking, which is how you bake shadows and light into the textures b4 bringing it back into hifi

Oh note when i added the emission map it made the model look completely black, i later added a entity light in and its not completely black just really dark .


the following model is giving me non transparent textures:



Also, you cannot see who’s behind the wheel from the outside. If an avatar is behind a transparent object you cannot seem to see them.


Hi Thoys,
I checked the car model and i see at least one limitation
There are 2 textures for the smiling face, one for the diffuse ( the color) and one for the alpha the transparency mask. we only support one for the 2 now .
I can also predict that the decal effect won’t look correct because i don’t think we support that correctly
It s a good test, i ll add this model to my list of to dos. for that aspect.

Regarding the trasnparency behind the windshield, i m not surprised, we don;t have a good solution yet and yes transparency are pretty broken. hopefully we ll tackle this one soon…