Posting your Scripts


Share your finished, working scripts in this category.


  • When you post, use something like or share a URL
    for the script itself.
  • Title your thread/discussion like this: nameOfScript.js: short description
  • Reference to see existing documentation on our JS API.
  • Check out for a list of all existing
    scripts hosted by High Fidelity.

Have fun!


This is a great idea.

I think it would be useful if we moved our existing scripts from the other areas of the forum to here so all the scripts are together.
It would mean the scripts would appear in 2 places but necessary because currently all scripts are buried within all kinds of other info and almost impossible to find anything now.

I hope you are happy if I move all my scripts over to here for everyone’s convenience.


I see this section for working finished scripts. not for debugging problems. SO i think i can add mine soon. :slight_smile:


I’m not seeing this post in the main forum list, I fear others may not have noticed this post.

Also is it possible to have a sticky with links to the example scripts and the Javascript API?


Agreed, Adrian. We should migrate all working scripts to this category.


Sure – good call – I’ll add this to this post so we can minimize clutter.