Pre-load cache possible?


Is it possible to pre-load the client’s cache for a particular domain outside of the Interface and it will still work in the client when started?

We are working on a domain-based game and it would distract from the game to wait for assets to download while playing. The number of assets is quite large. So we would like to write a separate program so a user can subscribe to a domain’s assets and download them into HiFi folders. It would also keep them in sync for any asset changes. Then when they start the Interface the assets are already cached. So is this possible?


I know for sounds i have seen a preload option in some script. but for entities. Hmm, good question.


Technically they could make it into a domain specific setting to preload assets. Then as you described the user can “subscribe” (or when the bookmark a) domain, they preload the important assets defined in the domain configuration.

This would require some sort of a priority loading system in which everything in the current scene that the user is in is loaded first, before background loading of all the pre-loading assets is continued.

This is definitely a good question though.