Presentation tool


I think High Fidelity should have a presentation tool that makes it easy to present slides for a group of people (avatars). Today I’m using, which is compatible with webentities in High Fidelity. There are a lot of other tools out there that probably also are compatible.

But as I understand it, it is still not possible to use it as a real presentation tool since every avatar has their own version of the page. What I am looking for is a tool where you can change the slides for all viewers at the same time. I think such a tool would be extremely important since one of the main uses of High Fidelity will probably be for seminars and other professional gatherings.

If it is easy to create a presentation screen, scale it to the desired size and put it somewhere in a world that would increase the usability of High Fidelity for conferences. Technically that shouldn’t be too hard to do, or is it?


i think people have tried using things like
but to make a presentation or watch a video its so important that everone is seeing and hearing the same thing at the same time


Push a same page to every one is probably not too complex to achieved.
I suppose that if you update the URL on the entity that it’s going to doing it. (That’s not very friendly user)

But for a video, that’s for sure a bit more complex… if what you said is: “I enter in the room and watch the remaining part of a video started for every one in the room one minute ago.”


Did you see facebook is doing a watch together feature

suggested we shoudl have that like 3 years ago

but what do i know about anything lol


So a web side solution is always possible.


I just tried using a public link (Anyone with the link can View) in Google Drive’s presentation app and it worked perfectly. I haven’t tried video though.


Making progress. will work once the user agent for the web-entity is changed, it is now:

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux, Android 6.0; Nexus 5 Build/MRA58N) Apple Web Kit /537.36 (KHTML, likeGecko) Chrome/56.0292487 Mobile Safari/537.36

Also prepared an app to make presentations easier, but I will not release it before the code is changed in HiFi, which will hopefully be in a near future