Press A to go down


One issue I have with the new control scheme is that it is inconvenient to have to look (or point) down to get back down when flying, So I mapped the unused ‘A’ button on the oculus touch controller to ‘down’.
It’s real easy:

var MAPPING_NAME = "ctrl_A-2_dwn";
var mapping = Controller.newMapping(MAPPING_NAME);


Script.scriptEnding.connect(function () {

or just grab mine: (may disapear at any time)

If you are on the vive or wmr… I dunno :confused:

P.S. is there a way to adjust the trigger point for teleport on the thumb-stick so it does not activate until it pushed all the way up, instead of right at the deadzone? My controllers are a bit sloppy by now so lots of accidental activation’s


I would give hard cold cash to anyone who can do this for a Vive. Same exact gripe. Cool that you fixed for rift. Vive geniuses: are you just going to let Silverfish own this hack? We need a down!!

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I don’t have a Vive to hand but you may like to try replacing the line…




to make pressing the right touch pad centre to make you go down.

Other potential Vive-specific control sources:

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it’s not my fault that HTC skimped on the buttons :laughing: which button would you like to use?

Now, back to my problems. I figured out how to increase the teleport deadzone but to no avail, I still stop dead as soon as there is any input on right thumbstick in Y direction?
Actually, it is only the forward/back movement that stops, strafe motion continues, and this is even with teleport disabled so RY is not used at all and I can’t find the function that does this :slightly_frowning_face: