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I know were not blogging about HF But people are I thought It might be worth Posting whats out there all in one place
add em as you find em


@chris I found this video by what sounds like a shady character :stuck_out_tongue:



Article snippet:

Even with a standard webcam, the system will pick-up the user’s facial expressions and translate them to the avatar’s face. As voice is the primary means of communication with High Fidelity (although not the sole means of communication – text is also possible), Voice Over IP (VoIP) is enabled on starting the client, and this is reflected in a sound level bar directly beneath the PiP avatar, which is graduated between blue, green and red, with the latter indicating that perhaps the microphone is being over-driven. There’s also a mute button to mute the sound of your own voice in your own headset / speakers.


It’s amazing what you can find by googling for “High fidelity voxels”

and though a bit dated



Story on NWN

… which mentions:

Which lead me to:


Just found one more:



#12 interesting Phil Interview


Phil on at 2pm 10pm gmt


Also streamed in SL at the LEA Stage: at 2pm.


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Thanks for that Judas. I thought he said he would be wearing a tie?


That was good. Sony is definitely ramping up for the VR wars!