Prevent guest from editing entities


I guess to remember, that in the past on server side settings it was an option to give rights for editing stuff. Now I just see, that its possible to give rights for write assets, and lock/unlock entities. Or do I understand it wrong?

It is a big pain, when editing and always you need to unlock/lock the entitys - is there a better way to prevent guest from screw up things?


Not played much with it, because am the only one that build on my domain. You can set under security many things. One of it is to set permissions for a user.

You have also the standard permissions.

And some for groups i still need to use.
I think you need to set the standard permissions and the Permissions for Specific Users permissions to mabye get what you want ? I still think that you need to lock and unlock your entities to keep it save. You can do that easy from the entities list in edit mode. You can select a whole row if needed to unlock.


Hi @Richardus.Raymaker, yes, that’s the way I do it now. But I don’t find it really useful. I tried it, and if you unselect ‘anonymous’ to connect, you are completely out of the ‘goto list’. If you let them, and all others in, you need to lock all items. If they are not locked, everyone can resize and just screw everything up. If you lock them all, and you need to move and change things, (and work with @ctrlaltdavid editor also), you get lost.

Okay, I know we are now in HF, and it is useless to still stuck in history - but seriously - I really don’t understand why the editing tools are so differently from what we all have learned for a decade in SL. I am here for around half a year, and - I would say from myself, I am patient - but, it always drive me nuts to click many times the day the right mouse button for the context menu to edit things and always get this menu I never want and need in desktop mode. Or the escape to exit what I am doing (editing) and release the cam behind the avatar. Just to say a few things.

I don’t know why they push us in this new direction, when it could be so much easier. Or maybe its just me, and I am not able to move my brain…