PRIVACY ISSUE- medacademy is cool, accessed my webcam



I visited medacademy…
it’s impressive domain.
I noticed that I’m looking at myself - my REAL self …
My camera was on with the LED light on… but no other warning that it’s filming me.
I don’t mind, but others might be more privacy concerned.

and by the way, how the heck did they do it? I’m trying to live stream through YouTube or ScreenLeap… apparently there is a much simpler way.


It’s just complete evil that a webcam can be turned on without user interaction…
Lucky i never use a webcam and my tablet have a black tape on it. microphone is bigger problem.

But, this means that high fidelity is missing some important security settings. It seems you cannot block access to webcam ? Also can that domain look around in rooms from HTC vive users ?

Need to check if i can deny camera access in windows 10 version 1803 for high fidelity.


@Sic The camera is visible only in your client window, until you press the LIVE Button. Unfortunately, we don’t have in the HighFidelity Chromium browser this fundamental privacy settings to allow /deny or configure camera and microphone.


@Sic @Richardus.Raymaker - The problem of PRIVACY on all my domains was solved.

Thank you for the notice!


There definitely needs to be a pop up for the webcam permissions.


Hi, some student of my classes did find this some weeks ago. They were quite scared about that. here their alert: Reading this thread and since here there are the owners of this domain “Impromedia”, I still don’t know what to tell them (just cover all your cams before entering HiFi?). Please advice …


and here the translation:

Lucia Bartolotti
August 4 at 3:50 pm
Today in High Fidelity I chose a random destination for a ride. I chose “Impromedia” - I repeat, casually - After a few seconds I was there, the webcam of my laptop was self-activated. I did not like it and I left immediately. Do you think it’s normal? They should at least warn!


Thank you for mentioning this, Claudio. I do hope something is done about this. Moreover, this might cause legal issues here in Europe, where rules about privacy are pretty strict (and sound, I would personally add)


Might this be due to an attempt to use a feature like Faceshift?


Yeah, if the webcam image isn’t actually being transmitted out of your machine, than its not really a privacy issue… tho it could still be alarming if you don’t know that.