Private Cross-Domain Chat and Messaging


I want to share a script for private One on One Chat and Messaging application.

It includes some nice features like:

  • notification of the number of unread messages in Tablet Button App;
  • display images in chat;
  • play youtube video in chat;
  • script file upload and display (it can correctly map and display javascript, python C, C++, SQL etc.);
  • play webm videos in chat;
  • portal dropper (you can send clickable hifi domains locations);
  • hyperlinked web addresses
  • cross-domains messages;
  • contacts search;
  • responsive parallax design;

The Tablet App script can be loaded in Edit / Running Scripts / From URL from this address:

You can run it also in any browser from other metaverse applications or from your mobile phone, using this address:

* When you Sign Up it is important to use as User Name your High Fidelity Display Name, to login automatically.

Happy Messaging!

Discussion on how best to do text chat

Wow! Looks great George! Thank you!


A marvelous contribution & one I know many people have been requesting. Great to see that you worked in video & image sharing, as well as code. Keep up the great work & thank you!!! :smiley:


Well done. I like it.

Is it expected that it opens by default on a conversation with you?

Would be fun if HF would have it “out of the box”.


Thank you, Being the first user, with id1, I am default, but I will figure it out a way to load a different user each time. :slight_smile:


I’ve change it to load the user with most recent message sent to you.


Happy birthday, George. And thanks for all the gifts to us.


Thank you, it is always a pleasure to contribute on this amazing community!


I’ve updated the script, with a dark theme and a video conference link.

When you chat with someone, by clicking on the top left round video conf icon, 
you can enter in audio-video conference with your partner. Here you can also 
share video from youtube in sync.



Script updated to: send message by pressing Enter key.


Question, the chat history, is it persitent forever ?


I’m guessing if it stores the chat history, it stores it locally (as apposed to on The Cloud), which would mean that it would only be as persistent as your local files directory is.


can the username and PW grab by a third person ? when I will use this chat.


We can do that with javascript?


Only last 400 messages will be stored.


The history is stored in a database, not locally.


Very, very cool. Gonna try it.


It would be nice to have some way to tell when other users are ‘online’


I will do it. Maybe I will display a different icon for online users.


I’ve updated the script to show online users.
You will show the status only for your friends (users with whom you have already exchanged messages).