Problem buying place names


I started buying a couple more names today, I got a few thru successfully then it started going wrong, saying I couldnt have the name (fairly generic name, no reason I shouldnt be able to have it/them) I tried again and Paypal refused saying it was a duplicate order, so I tried the next name I wanted, and got the same result, system said I couldnt have that name even though it showed as available.

I went to report this in the forum and discovered the forum was down, I now believe it may be a system glitch something to do with servers being down and worked on a the time, however my paypal account had been debited the amounts for 2 domain names that I didnt receive.

These names still show as available and I am scared to buy them again until I get word from authority, I still want them.

Can someone please advise me.


I tried again with a fresh name and it allowed it.
So I just have 2 names which I have paid for and are not yet showing on my list of names.


Thank you @chris , all fixed now :smiley:


@Adrian sorry about the bug and thank you for bringing it to our attention - should be all fixed now!