Problem finding good copy of QT5 when building hifi



I’m trying to build hifi on Ubuntu 16. I’ve built Qt5 from source in /usr/local/Qt-5.6.1, so I get this path for make :


I’ve tried to add this path in /etc/environment with this command :

echo CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/local/Qt-5.6.1/lib/cmake/ >> /etc/environment

or launch cmake like this :

cmake …/hifi/ -DQT_CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/local/Qt-5.6.1/lib/cmake/

I always get an error for “Qt5WebChannelConfig.cmake” missing. It’s here :

ls /usr/local/Qt-5.6.1/lib/cmake/Qt5WebChannel/Qt5WebChannelConfig.cmake

How can I tell to cmake to use my install of Qt5 ?

Thank you


cc: @Coal might be able to help you find this. I think @OmegaHeron is also well-versed in the Linux build and @KevinMThomas knew of an autobuilder (but I think he got that from one of the other two mentioned I don’t remember).

That’s all I know. Good luck.


@LaurentR2D2 We are not yet compatible with QT 5.6.
Installing Qt 5.5.1 will fix your issue (don’t forget to do a clean cmake).


Thank you for your answers. I’ve finally found a solution with a post of @Coal explaining how to use the hifi repository for Debian/Ubuntu with Ubuntu 14.04. I’ve switched back to this distribution, and it works fine. No need to worry about building :slight_smile: