Problem running HF in Windows 10 running in Virtual Box


I’m trying to run High Fidelity in a Virtual Box which is running windows 10. The physical machine is running Ubuntu 16.04. I was getting error messages about not having opengl so I figured that out and checked the enable 3D graphics in the Virtual Box setup which should allow the win10 virtual machine to pass graphics work to my NVidia card. I ran the sandbox but still get the error message from the HF Interface. Any thoughts?

Is a Linux version of High Fidelity in the plans? It would simplify my participation.



Virtual Box openGL support is problematic at best. Even if it does wort you didn’t mention what GPU you have (vbox virtual support can’t be greater than physical hardware and if it’s not up to spec neither will vbox).

Also - there is a Linux client (Interface) and server. Unfortunately Interface is not super stable on Linux of late. Also - you have to self-compile and have a compatible Linux distro (U16.04 is - for now).


Virtualbox and 3D ? Good luck, it never worked for me on windows. and expect problems with linux to.


Welcome, @Tohasu!

As a followup to @OmegaHeron, you can get to the relevant Linux stuff via this:


Thanks to all for the responses. I’ve since seen one post suggesting that enabling 3D in Virtual box does not work for Windows 10. Anyway I’m encouraged to try my hand at rolling my own and appreciate the link Jess left.

I’ll no doubt be back looking for help with the compile. Somehow this reminds me of my home repair projects and all those trips to the hardware store. It’s nice to know there are helpful people here as well.