Problem with Create Tools window


Don’t know why but it looks semi-transparent:

Anyone having this issue? I’m on Windows 10, 1080ti.


Someone else has this problem I remember reading on the forum somewhere


This happened to someone in August but I don’t know what the resolution was: Beta Release 70


I’m on 73.2. I’ll try a clean install


@FlameSoulis Did you sort out how to fix the transparent Create tool windows problem you had?


Nope. Still glitching. So much so I’ve had to debate holding off on any tutorial videos I had planned that involve Create.


have you tried a different display? I think I tested everything else but nothing worked: reinstall interface, reinstall nvidia drivers, use a different HDMI cable, change display resolutions, etc.


I have 3 monitors, all exibit the same issue.

If High Fidelity has an issue with multi-monitor displays, they defeated the purpose of the function.


A clean windows reinstall fixed it for me


Oh yeah… because that’s something I plan to do just to fix a rendering problem that only effects one single application.


And if the problem returns a couple weeks later, reinstalling Windows to fix it again is even more of a drastic move. oO


Yep, I had to reinstall for another reasons. At least we know is not a specific hardware compatibility issue.