Problem with downloaded entity


First, thanks to everyone who has uploaded items to the Marketplace. Great to see so much creativity this early on. My problem was with one of those items. I downloaded “High Fidelity Welcome Sign” but received a wireframe cube that can’t be edited. Checking the Entities window, there was no listing for the welcome sign, but I found a listing for “kacousticguitar11.fbx” (which I did not download) and when selected, appeared inside the wireframe cube as a dotted rectangle. I tried to delete this item from the Entities window but no luck. Any assistance appreciated.


It looks like the welcome sign is currently linked to the guitar, if you look at the entity properties it is likely that it is set to locked. You should be able to unlock it and delete.


I have the same issue on “TheMall” and I can’t delete the guitar. I logged a job on WorkList for it yesterday.

If I click the guitar, it shows the guitar in my list of models on the domain. If I right click and show in MarketPlace, it is the sign. The sign is what I placed on my domain originally.


No wonder no one has my sign, lol.


Thanks for the help! Just logged in and the cube was replaced by a guitar so that made it easy to unlock and delete as per your suggestions. Looking forward to downloading the sign when everything is sorted out. Thanks again!


Kevin is just making sure his flaming guitar is populated far and wide on HiFi. : - )


@chris this is still happening.

Click to get DrFran’s Welcome sign
Receive Kevins acoustic guitar

Looking at Kevins guitar in marketplace and there is no Get button but I can get one clicking the image


Thanks! @DrFranny can you email me the fbx to the sign and i will fix it up.