Problem with interface


Hi everyone,

I have tried to log but it seems interface doesn’t work it kicks me out…is it cause of windows 7 and not 7.1 or somethin g else?


You need to update to windows 7.1, It sounds strange that your system is not already upgraded to service pack 1. Otherwise it’s good today because there lots of security fixes and patches for windows.

Kicks you out. ?
Do you have some log. or maby error on the console ?



I am talking for pc not cellphone…i checked and there is no update for windows 7 on pc…the 7.1 is for cellphones.
Am i wrong? I now made it to log but after few secs i see something like space…


I had similar until i used a wired connection instead of wifi. It needs a very fast connection!!


If you go to the start menu then click with the right mouse button on computer and choice properties you can check if you have Service pack 1 installed. I fyou have SP1 installed you need to see this. (ignore professional, it can be different for everyone.