Problem with textures and pose on Poser avatar


I have just started experimenting with uploading new avatar createn with Poser and came across two problems that I can not solve.
One is textures, which - as you can see on the picture - are far from perfection, especially from a longer distance. When I come closer with the camera the artifacts slightly dissapear.
Two is pose of the avatar. Whatever I do in Poser, after uploading I have only the default pose. How can I get the pose from Poser?
Is there any way to use the poses and animation from eg Priscilla from Marketplace?
Any helping hand will be appreciated!


Have you tried putting it through mixamo auto rigger?


Thank you for replay. Mixiamo really looks like a useful tool.
I solved the first problem with textures - they were just too big. If you limit texture size when exporting from Poser it is OK.
Problem number 2, ie changing defaul pose of avatar to the one created in Poser, or using the animations from Priscilla or other avatar is still not solved so if anybody has any idea…


Standard animations are defined in:

…\High Fidelity\resources\avatar\avatar-animation.json

The animations themself are in:

…\High Fidelity\resources\avatar\animations

Best practise is if you copy the ‘avatar-animation.json’ and edit the links to the animations which you want to change to your own. Then you can set this copy of ‘avatar-animation.json’ as the one to use in the ‘Avatar Settings’.


Thank you for help.
It starts working.
It seems that Poser animations have in some ways higher priority or simply destroy default animations. I created avatar in Adobe Fuse and animations work, even without indicating Avatar Animation JSON. Default is enough.