Problems exporting using blender add-on



I’m trying to export something using @Menithal s Blender Add-on, but I keep getting errors. This is the problem:

Any suggestions?


Can you describe the steps you are doing prior to the export and which export method you are using?

This might be a bug I have missed when I refactored stuff.



I load up my scene from the blender file, click File>>Export>>HiFiMetaverse scene. Choose a folder for the export and either click the ATP checkbox or put a link to the marketplace in the other box (both fail the same way) and press ‘Export hifi scene’.

I feel like it might be because I didn’t select the right object before the export, as I got a similar crash with the makehuman button when I didn’t select the armeture before pressing the button. I also get a very similar crash to this when I import a mixamo FBX and press that button.

I’m using version 1.0.4 if that’s useful.


Ah, ok, I think i got the bug replicated, It seems to occur when you are exporting a scene with Empties.

Are you using empties on the scene as groups or something similar? or Physics simulation Fields. for now you can try unparenting them and removing them from use.

Ill have this fixed on the next version of the plugin.


I released a new version 1.1.0 that should have this issue fixed.


That’s great, can confirm that the export is working now. Really appreciate the fast turnaround on this.

I did have to edit all the links in the JSON from:

Looks like hifi might have changed the way the objects are referenced.


Also, this is more detail on the error I’m getting with the mixamo avatar button. I import the FBX from Mixamo and press the button and get this error"

Another bug or something I’m doing wrong?


And if I use the ‘export avatar fst’ option, then when I try to import to high fidelity I get an error that the avatar has no skeleton. The avatar does import fine if I export as FST and then use the HiFi package fst system.


Looks like another bug, thanks for reporting it!

Will have that bug fix later today


Regarding the marketplace url, thats odd,

If you paste the items urls to the marketplace instead of using the atp, the link gets overridden to that.