Problems getting custom avatar to work


Whenever I had a .fst file that I have mapped out as my avatar, it just resets my avatar to the default character. Why is this?


it could be a number of things, but something is not right in your workflow, if High FI doesn’t like the .fst it will just revert back to the default avatar (bluey).


my model:

And this is a quick screeshot of how it is rigged.

I have items that seem like they should fit into the package, but it will not load when I place them in.

Do I need to set all of the extras as free joints? What does that mean?


I’m not familiar with the workflow unfortunately. user @Menithal has generously put this together:

Have you seen it? focused on blender but theoretically useful for any workflow.


It looks like it should be semi-useful. I do have a question about the free joints field in HiFi still. If I have other joints do they have to be added or is that just superfluous? If i leave it blank while having other joints will it mess things up?


I’m not too sure about that actually, I know you don’t need to have all the bones, but extra bones? Could be a problem…


Hi Whyroc, looking at your skeleton definitions, the bones do not appear to have the same names as those in the HiFi standard avatar. I am not familiar with how the HiFi avatar import code works (Yet), but I would expect the bones might need to be identically named with those of the HiFi standard avatar in order for the import code to be able to parse them correctly (Maybe someone closer to the code could confirm or enlighten on this?)


Sorry Whyroc; Noah, I meant to be replying to you


P.S. Noah, in case you haven’t seen it yet, I found the Joint Hierarchy and Naming Convention for the HiFi Standard avatar here:


Also more info here: